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BattleFingers Find a friend and see who can push the other off the screen first!

BattleFingers is a 2 player iPhone game that crosses arm wrestling with old-school button-mashing. The winner is the player with the fastest fingers.

Players receive a score based on how fast and how often they tap and the winner of each game gets a star. You can decide to continue the war (best of 3? 5? 11?) or call it quits. If you're already an established basher, pump up the difficulty and enjoy more of a challenge.

BattleFingers is an ideal game to enjoy with friends at the pub or workplace; make new friends, settle disputes and find out once and for all who has the fastest fingers! Just remember, we take no responsibility for anything damaged during the game: equipment or egos.

The best way of appreciating just how much fun it is to play BattleFingers is to see it in action.

For support, feedback or feature requests visit http://www.voyce.com/battlefingers or contact battlefingers@voyce.com.

Available now on the AppStore!