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Super Spelling Test

Super Spelling title screen
Super Spelling Test screenshot

Super Spelling is an educational game for kids that I wrote to help my girls with their spelling tests at school.

It’s based on the approach of practicing spellings by seeing them briefly, hearing the words spoken and then attempting to spell them yourself.

I’ve recently rewritten it from the ground up using SwiftUI.


Battlefingers screenshot
Battlefingers title screen

Battlefingers is a button-mashing game with fingers not buttons! Two players share a screen to see who can tap the fastest.

Graphically and ergonomically super-simple, it’s a surprisingly fun way to settle an argument!


A simple experiment in app development and graphics and my first foray onto the App Store.

Legacy Apps

Unfortunately these apps are no longer available, mostly because I haven’t had time to keep them updated with the latest requirements.


Wordz is a Cocos2d-based make-a-word game for iPhone and iPad.


Tuzzle is a version of the classic sliding-tile puzzle game where you have get the numbers in order. You can choose the challenge level, play against other people in 2-player mode and even use your own photo for the tiles.


Programming and debugging tidbits