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A WPF custom control in F#

In the world of WPF with its powerful templating support, you’re much less likely to need to build a custom control from scratch than you are with legacy Windows GUI frameworks. For the vast majority of scenarios it’s possible to take an existing control and modify its appearance and behaviour to get what you need. However it is still possible and sometimes necessary to build something in code. The other day I was looking at creating one – using F# of course – and realised that a skeleton control serves as a good example of the kind of cross-paradigm features the language offers. They’re the kind of things that make it possible to use functional F# with inherently imperative .NET languages and frameworks like WPF.
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F# – A little gotcha with GuidAttribute

Be careful when using the¬†[<Guid(“…”)>] attribute on your COM-visible classes in F#. If you mistakenly use the curly-bracket delimited format for the GUID,¬†regasm will silently, yes, silently, fail to add any CLSID entries for your class. That means it will be cocreatable by the prog ID, but not the CLSID. Ouch.

No doubt this will be addressed in the CTP release, due in a couple of weeks.