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.NET DLLs Loaded Twice

If, like me, you’re still squeezing yourself into 32-bit Windows processes, you’re probably, also like me, constantly keeping an eye on the virtual address space usage of your application. If you happen to have used something like vmmap to take a peek at your memory contents, maybe you’ve noticed something strange with some .NET assemblies: they’re loaded twice! What’s going on…?
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Diagnosing out of memory errors with VMMap

The other day a colleague pointed me to a new tool from Mark Russinovich et al (ex-SysInternals) that turns out to be very useful for diagnosing virtual memory/address space exhaustion issues. I thought I’d describe it here, and give some – hopefully useful – extra information on what it reports.

(I had problems with WordPress choking on this long post, so I’ve split it into 2 parts. This the first part, the second part is here).

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