Wow. I’ve been totally overwhelmed by the response to the 7 signs your UI was created by a programmer: 40,000 readers and counting, and that was just over a couple of days! I’m expecting some seriously good programmer-created user interfaces after this. And if I spot one more typo in a dialog box, I promise I’ll raise an army of UI pedants to hunt you down and put your users out of their misery.

A couple of apologies are in order. Firstly, sorry if you tried to hit the site and found it down. I totally wasn’t prepared for the traffic; my bad. Secondly, sorry if you’ve posted a comment on the article here or elsewhere and I haven’t responded. I’m been swamped and the day job always seems to get in the way, dammit.

Anyway, thanks for reading, keep in touch, and I’ll try and get over that ‘difficult second album’ period I seem to be having.