After using a F# heavily for a while, I often found myself wanting to add brackets (or rather, parentheses) around some text. This is normally when adding a type specification to an argument in order to be able to use dot notation, e.g. going from:

let typeName t = t.Name

which causes “error FS0072: Lookup on object of indeterminate type based on information prior to this program point”, to the correct:

let typeName (t:Type) = t.Name

(These are obviously simplistic examples!)

So I broke out the Visual Studio macro editor for the first time in a while, and put together something to toggle brackets around the currently selected text. It’s naive, but, combined with Shift+Alt+Left Arrow to select the previous word, it’s effective:

Public Sub AddBrackets()

Dim s As Object = DTE.ActiveWindow.Selection()

If s.Text.StartsWith(“(“) And s.Text.EndsWith(“)”) Then

s.Text = s.Text.Substring(1, s.Text.Length - 2)


s.Text = “(“ + s.Text + “)”

End If

End Sub

Copy this text into a module within your macro project, and assign a suitable keystroke using Tools Customize Keyboard.